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This is an apartment house located in a residential area adjacent to the local shopping street in Tokyo. Four reinforced concrete boxes on the ground level were arranged on the ground level shifted from each other creating "pockets" that draws the outside space of the city into the common area of the site facing three-sided road. The exterior wall is finished by washing out with crushed serpentine stone of about 25 mm achieving the rough expression like the exposed stratum that creates a natural landscape continuous with the vegetation of the exterior.


A 27x12m rectangular slab with dwelling units was stacked on top of the four boxes at the common area on the ground floor. The black galvanized steel grid railings on the balconies on the outer perimeter of each floor function as screens that gently block the line of sight to the dwelling units. The pitch of the handrail gradually changes its density, giving a dynamic fluctuation to follow the change of the viewpoint from the city.


The owner's dwelling unit on the top floor has an open living room overlooking the city and spatial flow continues to a corridor that runs north-south providing natural light into the central part of the dwelling unit from multiple directions. Each dwelling unit with a full-height opening establishes intimate relationship to the immediate surroundings, an architecture as a collection of "environments" that are continuous with the scenery of the surrounding city.

Program: Housing Complex

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Structural Engineer: tmsd, Takashi Manda

Construction: Satohide Corporation 

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Site Area: 610.991㎡

Built Area: 366.69㎡

Total Floor Area: 1257.72㎡

Completion: March 2021

Photo: Norihito Yamauchi

PROJECT プロジェクト
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