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The weekend villa planned in the forest of Minami Karuizawa was arranged along a curved site boundary line. The living room on the 1st floor faces the scenery of a river, the bedrooms on the 2nd floor face a quiet forest, and each house-shaped volume overlaps at an angle. The exterior wall facing the entrance is made of glossy black terrazzo, which is finished on the same surface as the window surface bonded with SSG, and the natural environment is reflected like glass. The exterior walls of the living room and bedrooms are constructed of light gray Ashino stone planks.


Program: Private house

Location: Karuizawa, Japan    

Structural Engineer: Building Structure Institute   

Construction: Sasazawa Kensetsu 

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Site Area: 1,591㎡

Built Area: 259㎡

Total Floor Area: 345㎡

Completion: July 2018

Photo: Norihito Yamauchi

PROJECT プロジェクト
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