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Forest Villa in Hakone

Forest Villa is a housing project located in Hakone surrounded by a rich natural context. In order to maximize the view to its natural surroundings, each living units are divided into seprate volumes. These units are placed in different ground levels following the inclined topography of the site that allows to maintain privacy and to provide openness to the green environment at the same time. Collection of traditional Japanese "Kirizuma" roof hovers above the forest of Hakone mountains. Private rooms such as master bedroom and bath are located in the lower levels facing the Japanese garden where indoor space continues to the forest seamlessly. Living and dining spaces sits on the upper floor opening its view through the framed window to the rich landscape of Hakone mountains.


Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Floor Area: 2,400m2

Structure: Reinforced Concrete, Steel Frame

Status: Schematic Design Phase

All Images: ©KIAS

PROJECT プロジェクト
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