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Asymmetric House


Location: Chiba, Japan
Structure: Takashi Manda, tmsd
Mechanical: Chiku Engineering Consultants
Construction: Ogawa Kensetsu

Floor Area: 190sqm

Completion: January, 2015
Photos: Toshiyuki Yano

Asymmetric House is located in a residential area in Chiba prefecture, just at the outskirt of Tokyo. The house contains 3 volumes; Asymmetric house and two concrete boxes. Galvanized steel cladded timber structured house sits on top of extended concrete foundation grew from the ground. The house sways its roof away from the neighboring building in order to provide more daylight to the narrow garden below. Asymmetric form of the house is reflected inside as a double height living and dining space. We believe this formal “imperfection” gives softer spatial experiences that can be also seen in Japanese traditional houses. Study room, kitchen, guest shower room are arranged on the 1st floor seamlessly connected from living & dining room. Guest room on 2nd floor is like an attic under triangular roof with punched balcony. On the ground floor ensuite master bedroom faces the private garden and its low windows are designed to enjoy the view out from a seating height. Entrance hall, serves as a guest reception, is an interstitial space between the 2 concrete boxes that has a texture of 40mm wide timber formwork imprint continuing from exterior wall. Combination of soft/hard materials and various spatial proportions creates richness for the owner to enjoy every and each living place throughout the seasons.

PROJECT プロジェクト
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