An exhibition space for Japanese artist located in Nasu, 150km north of Tokyo. The museum is planned in the forest surrounded by a rich natural landscape. On entering the site, visitors will walk through the woods guided by local Ashino stone wall, before arriving at the open garden in the center of the site. Rough surface of the split faced stone cladded wall encloses 5 exhibition rooms, an art shop and a cafe. Each exhibition rooms are designed in different size and proportion in order to allow various types and size of art works to be shown in desired location. Local materials are used in the interior finishes such as Hinoki Cedar harvested on the site for the ceiling of a gallery and pebbles from the local river for the polished concrete floor.


Location:  Nasu, Tochigi, Japan 栃木県 那須塩原市
Structure:  ARUP オーヴ・アラップ・アンド・パートナーズ
Mechanical:  Chiku Engineering Consultants 知久設備計画研究所

Gallery Lighting:  ARUP オーヴ・アラップ・アンド・パートナーズ

Landscape:  GA Yamazaki  GAヤマザキ

Photos:  Norihito Yamauchi 山内紀人

Art works © Yoshitomo Nara

© KIAS 2017


150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町30-8 ツインビル代官山B-701

Twin Bldg Daikanyama B-701

30-8 Sarugakucho Shibuya, Tokyo
TEL    +81 (0)3-6455-0350
FAX    +81 (0)3-6455-0351

MAIL    studio@kias.co.jp

一級建築士事務所 東京都知事登録 第58204

Tokyo Architectural Office Registration No.58204

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